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Soooooo relaxed

I picked Kevin up from the airport this afternoon and we just had time to stop at the Airstream for a quick bite before it was time for our massages!!! YAY!!! Yesterday I was thinking "Hey, Kevin's been traveling, and I've been wishing for a massage (what's new?) and we both could probably really use a massage before we head out tomorrow."

I did a little research and found a well-reviewed spa not too far from our campground and booked us each an 80-minute massage (and the new client introductory rate of $79 dollars). We went to Elements at Piney Creek in Centennial, CO


So, it's pretty cool when your expectations are, well, non-existent, and you end up with the Best Massage Ever. Seriously. The only real contender was maybe the ashiatsu we had at Kanani Pearl in Portland, but having someone hang from bars on the ceiling, massaging with their feet and body weight is tough to compare to anything else, really. 

During my session I was hoping Kevin was having as good a massage as I was. Turns out yeah. Jeff was my massage therapist, and Victoria was Kevin's. We HIGHLY recommend both of them. We are so happy. Now we've got some chicken on the grill, and some laundry going before we head off toward Texas in the morning.