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If It’s Broken, Get a New One

This morning we got up early (see today's post about the 6am PVC cutters next door) and called a nearby body shop to get an appointment for an estimate to fix the damage to our truck. We met Scott over at Mahnke at 9am and he took a thorough look at our truck and said it would realistically be 4-6 weeks to have it fixed. He said we'd need a whole new truck bed, and there was a spot where the truck bed hit and dented the cab so they'd need to fix and repaint most of the cab, and there was likely a slight bit of frame damage, etc. (He also said there was no way the guy who hit us was going the 25mph speed limit. Duh.)


After we left the body shop, we stopped to have some breakfast and talk over our options. We landed at the Cowboy Cafe for an omelette and some coffee.


We figured we could probably (a) find an RV park or campground nearby where we could get a monthly rate, cancel our reservations that we have in Leadville and Mueller State Park over the next couple weeks, and just hang in Denver while the truck was fixed…maybe getting a friend to tow us from Alumafandango on Sunday to the new temporary home of our choice. We could rent a small economy car to get around, make the best of it. Or, we could (b) go to the nearby Ford dealer and see (1) if they had a 2012 F150 Supercrew Platinum with the max tow package in tuxedo black that our cool custom painted tuxedo black bed topper would fit on, and (2) what they would give us to trade in our crashed truck. The last option (3) against the advice of the mechanic at the body shop, was that we could attempt to tow our trailer the 1200 miles home and have the truck fixed in the comfort of our own city with our own backup car.

We decided to head over to Lakewood Fordland to explore option 2 a little.

So our sales guy Michael greeted us at the door and we told him what we were thinking about. He said he wasn't sure they had one in that color, but let's go check. We walked directly over to a 2012 F150 Supercrew Platinum in tuxedo black — with pretty much the identical list of features and options that our 2010 truck had. Same chocolate and black leather interior, same sound system, same nav system, same crazy color lighting options on the cup holders, same moonroof, same automatic running boards. It was kind of creepy. How did they know???

Some of you who've been reading this blog may notice a pattern here. See Example A, and Example B.

The 2012 F150 has an Eco Boost turbo-charged intercooled 3.5L V6 (different from our 2010's 5.4L V8, but apparently has more power, a flatter torque curve, and better fuel economy). (Kevin just read all that to me.) 

Here's Jay, our Ford finance guy (I accidentally snapped this while looking for a photo on my iPhone, but I liked it, so here it is):


Jay is a photographer when he's not the Ford finance guy, and we spent about two hours hanging out talking about (and looking at) photographs. It was just about the best car buying experience ever, actually. We love Lakewood Fordland.

Our sales guy Michael (a total rockstar) and another guy took both trucks down the road to a truck bed topper place they work with and had the topper from our 2010 F150 removed and replaced expertly (including the bed rug and all the wiring and everything) onto the new 2012 F150. They did a perfect job! Ford will be swapping our towing mirrors from our old truck onto the new one in the morning and we'll be set to head over to Alumafandango. 

So. A new truck. A new truck that looks and feels eerily the same as our old truck, only without a big crashy dent in the backside. There have been some improvements in this model, we have a 6 year warranty with this truck, the interest rate we got this time is half the interest rate we had, and we'll get a check from State Farm tomorrow after the adjuster shows up and they figure out what the damage was.

Screen Shot 2012-08-20 at 7.16.35 PM

(Just like) new. Problem solved. 🙂

We drove back to the RV park and parked the truck in the same place where we were this morning, and our across-the-way neighbor, Bob, comes walking toward us with his arms outstretched and his face making that "WTF???" expression. We just said "I know dude. How about that speedy body shop we found???"


  1. AnnaMarie AnnaMarie

    WOop!! WAY TO GO!!

  2. A sad story with a happy ending . . . love it!

  3. That’s nuts! SO happy for you!

  4. Lisa and Geo Lisa and Geo

    Oh my: I missed the newsflash on the damage to the Ford. I’m glad it seems to have worked out in a happy manner. Safe travels heading home.

  5. Jennifer Jennifer

    So, I’m way late in seeing and commenting on this post but I just have to add…do you know how fortunate you were that they had the truck you wanted?! We have almost the exact F-150 — EcoBoost V6, max tow package, etc., but ours is an XTL not the Platinum. When we were looking we could not find one with the right features anywhere in the Southeast; we had to special order it from the factory and it took 6 weeks. So…I’m sorry about the accident that led to this, but from there on you had some pretty darn good truck karma. 🙂

  6. Yes, we are very much aware…it was CRAZY that they had the exact one. CRAZY. We only went to one dealer, and there it was. We’re sorry about the accident that led to this too, but we love this truck even MORE than we loved our other one (it tows much better than the V8)…and yes, good truck karma for sure! 🙂 -L

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