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Fender (and bumper, and tailgate) Bender


While we were driving in Silverton yesterday we were rear-ended. Now we're trying to figure out how this will affect our future travel plans (we're supposed to be in Denver on Tuesday). Our hitch wasn't damaged, but the tailgate, bumper, and left rear quarter panel all need replacing. If we can get it fixed in Denver and it doesn't take too long…that's an option…we'll just leave and head straight to Denver this morning instead of taking the other route we were considering). Towing all the way home is I suppose the next option (after we get our crushed left taillight housing issue solved and the bumper duct taped on or something). What a total bummer, and a crappy end to a really awesome morning offroading. (Shoulda stayed offroad!) 🙂

While we were all dealing with the insurance and police report and such, and the sheriff was taking photos, she pulled a gun and holster out of the other guy's car and said she was going to hold onto it until we were finished. He said to her "Give me back my gun" and she said she would give it back to him just as soon as we were all done here. Eventually, after a little arguing, she said he could put it in his son's car (the son was following in another vehicle). The guy then (with his hands in his pockets) said he had a loaded gun in his pocket. The sheriff then instructed him to remove his hands from his pockets. I think this guy was just being an A-hole because the sheriff was a woman. He seemed friendly and fine to us…but she sure didn't like him. (She told us later that she is a way better shot than he is so he shouldn't have been messin' with her.) Oh, Colorado.

Someone working at the scene of the accident (who asked not to be identfied) said that if we really wanted someone who could give a quick look at our vehicle before we towed with it, we should drive over to Molas Lake Campground, go to the wooden shack, and find a guy named Outback (who happened to be a very good mechanic). She said he'd be easy to find because he's got a long gray scraggly beard and his arms are all tatted up. I said "I took a portrait of that guy the other day! His name's John, right?" Yep, that's the guy. Oh, Colorado.


  1. Oh my god I’m so sorry about your truck. What a bummer!

  2. Oh no! Glad you’re both okay, but too bad about the truck. Hope you’re able to get it fixed quick. Even with the hitch undamaged, towing my home around with the truck like that would make me very nervous. Good luck and safe travels.

  3. Well, that just sucks. If you need help finding a good body shop in Denver, just let me know and I’ll ask my local contacts.

  4. Laura Fess Laura Fess

    You crack me up. (Oh Colorado.) I’m sorry about the accident.

  5. Thanks guys! It’s just a thing (and a slight interruption). We’ll get it worked out.

    @Rich: Thanks! We’re trying a couple our insurance company recommends tomorrow, will let you know if we need reinforcements.

  6. WOW that sucks… good thing it wasn’t the Airstream though… cause that would be criminal! Glad you’re ok.

  7. We will be at Alumafandango on Wednesday. If there is any way we can help you (drive you here or there, etc.) please let us know.

  8. Thank you Frank! We’ll know more tomorrow what our options are. Looking forward to meeting you!

  9. AnnaMarie AnnaMarie

    Glad that everyone is safe. That you’re home is safe. Nothing on earth matters more than you’re safety. Good luck getting things taken care of and this will all be in the past soon.

  10. AnnaMarie AnnaMarie

    also that answers my question about which Ford you have, Those F150s are amazing, they are a great Tow vehicle.

  11. Lisa and Geo Lisa and Geo

    Great story. Sorry it involved getting your car mashed-up.

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