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Around Silverton

We went in and walked around downtown Silverton this afternoon. Lots of little touristy shops and old buildings.

Silverton-1 2

Silverton-2 2

I stocked up on some cool rock jewelry — a turquoise pendant on an 18" cord:


An agate ring:


And another pendant to put on the same cord — I can't remember what the guy said this purple stuff was, but it's cool and hard to capture in a photo:


The guy in the gem shop gave us a couple of tips, and one of them we're going to follow on Saturday evening: Montagne Distillers in Silverton — a craft distiller of award-winning rum made from scratch by hand. Saturday evening they have live music and rum drinks and tapas, and they have a rooftop bar. We're there!

After exploring town a bit, we drove up to the Hillside Cemetery and looked around. We didn't do the full tombstone exploration mission we plan to, just a quick pass this time:

Silverton-4 2

Here's a shot from the cemetery that gives you the whole picture of things: