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Today’s Mish Mash of Events

Here's what we did today.

We had breakfast (fresh farm eggs from the farm market yesterday on top of steamed spinach, bacon, and a sprinkle of pecorino). And here's another ship, of course:


We drove into Cathlamet to have lunch and stop by the market. Here's an osprey and nest on top of a bridge on the way:


Passion flower outside the cafe where we ate:


A cool little free library kiosk in Cathlamet:


Then we put on the wetsuits and dry jackets and went for a sail. We started out so calmly…meandering back through Steamboat Slough with just a little bit of wind in the sails, kickin' back quietly watching osprey, heron, eagle. And then, soon as we rounded the tip of that island all hell broke loose as we headed back to camp. HUGE swells, TONS of wind (around 18mph). The Hobie handled (and Kevin handled the Hobie) very well in all that craziness. See here where it looks like just a straight line back to the Airstream? Heh, yeah. It's a bit misleading. 


Sure was fun though!


  1. WOW! LOVE the free, little library concept! This is such a great idea . . . is this a common site?

  2. @Darris: Never seen it before. It’s a great idea! -L

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