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This afternoon’s sail track


Distance: 16.6 miles
Elapsed Time: 3:34:31
Avg Speed: 4.6 mph
Max Speed: 8.7 mph

We made ourselves a little figure eight around Welsh Island and Tenasillahe Island this afternoon. Fun! We saw plenty of ospreys, several herons, and one very large bald eagle. This is the southern tip of Tenasillahe Island:


This little cabin is in Red Slough (the slough that divides the two islands, where there is basically nothing else…) Kevin and I always just call it the Deliverance Cabin:



  1. Do you still travel with your Dahons? Are they practical or do they get left at home?

  2. Mrs. Aluminum: Yes, we mostly bring the Dahons along. We didn’t bring them out here though because we knew we’d be working most of the time and when we weren’t working, sailing. 🙂

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