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Kayaking in the Sammamish Slough


Today we went for a little late morning kayaking excursion with Tiffani and Deke. We took our Hobie Tandem Island in tandem kayak mode (no mast, sail, or outriggers) and brought up our inflatable tandem for them to try out. We took it all down to the Sammamish Slough and paddled/pedaled around for a couple hours.



First we went out into Lake Washington, watched a sea plane land, and then decided to head upstream into the slough a bit instead.


Tiffani and Deke taking photos of the sea plane landing:


We took a little fork off to the left and eventally it ended in a tree-blocked alley with a giant blue heron on the other side of the trees. We watched it for a while before we turned around and headed back out into the main slough. (Heron is right in the middle of the photo):


Here's the track of today's paddle:


After kayaking we went into Kirkland and had beer and burgers (for lunch/dinner, since it was 4 or something by that time) at the Lodge in Kirkland. They've got something like 60 beers on tap, and we all really liked our food. I read some of the reviews on Yelp just now and I think our experience was much better than any of the recent reviews. Our server was awesome, the beer was great, and the burgers were excellent. We head up to Whidbey Island tomorrow, and I think it's gonna be fish and veggies all week for us!

  • Rose

    Hey, will we get to see you? What plans do you have for Whidbey? How long will you be here?

  • Hey! We plan to be there til Saturday, not sure where yet, and we’ll be working, but also trying to explore a little. We’d love to see you guys. I’ll let you know where we end up (goal is Ft. Casey State Park, on the beach.) 🙂 -Laura

  • Rose

    Cool! We’ll be around except for Wednesday. Would you guys like to come over for pizza some evening?

  • Sounds great, yes! Also, maybe you guys wanna come out and see the mobile everything? 🙂 I think you’d like it! -L

  • Rose

    We’d love to! And the kids love any reason to go to Fort Casey anyway. 🙂 Let us know when you get settled and what your week looks like.