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Cathlamet, Washington


We drove into Cathlamet today to have some lunch and get a few things at the market. Cathlamet has a pretty good little market, a pharmacy, a few restaurants, a hotel, a B&B, a hardware store, a nice marina (with some right-on-the-water camping, a lumber yard, realtors, etc…)  It's a small town and has mainly the basics. 

There's a bridge that'll take you over to Puget Island (where we're going on Friday, to what looks like a promising farmer's market at Two Rivers Farm). Excited for fresh produce and more farm eggs!

We ate lunch at one of the only spots that had reviews on Yelp for Cathlamet (there were two, and the other one didn't sound all that good). We opted for PJ's Pizza, Burgers, Breakfast & More. We had a burger and a club sandwich and shared both. The club was fresh, tasty … about what you'd expect for a basic club sandwich. The burger was fabulous though! Grilled fresh bun, beef, cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, pickes…very good. We'd definitely come back here.


After lunch we drove down to the Elochoman Slough Marina to check it out. 


They've got what look like some really nice campsites right down on the water. I might like our location better here at Skamokawa Vista Park, but I'd like to stay at the marina sometime just to check it out. Sailing around out under the Cathlamet/Puget Island bridge would be fun…different scenery, and a walk to the market if you need something.

After lunch we walked down to the water and just wandered around town a bit.


Osprey nest near the tugs:


The Cathlamet Hotel:


The Bradley House Inn:


Some info about "the indian" and "white man." (This is strangely written, don't you think?) 


We also learned that the hardware store is now closed and the owners are on vacation AT LEAST until July 24th. At least.


After our walk we got what we needed at the market (including two HUGE bundles of firewood for $4.99/ea) and headed back to camp. This is the market:


Just as we pulled in back at Skamokawa Vista Park, the Nisyros was heading back out to sea.



Update: Here's a shot of the tug we saw docked in Cathlamet (the Rachele Brusco) on its way out. It was towing a HUGE black barge.