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Towing the Airstream through San Francisco

I forgot how much traffic there is here and how narrow the lanes are. (Thanks Kevin, for driving this one.) Got some more fun shots coming over the Golden Gate Bridge:



As we came through downtown, we had to stop for a guy who was walking out into the road (at about Howard and 6th). He was tall and skinny and wearing a suit. He threw his shoes out into the street, and then carried an orange cone out there and put it down by the shoes so he could retrieve them. A guy from the sidewalk came out into the street, angrily grabbed the cone, and took it back over to the curb. The tall man in the suit picked up his shoes and threw them further across the street as he walked through slowing traffic to retrieve them. My window was open and I could hear a group of old men talking as we finally were able to drive through:

"It's one thing to be young and crazy, but to be OLD and crazy? Well that's ANOTHER thing!"



Check out these facade murals:


Love these wires:


Then…look at this nice wide street!!! Aaaaaaaah.


Oh yeah, and on the way here as we were driving through Petaluma, we passed a little BBQ place on the side of the highway called BubbaQue's and it smelled so good that we turned around and stopped to get a couple sandwiches to go. TOTALLY worth it. They were so good. Maybe we'll go there on the way back to Bodega Bay next week.

Lookit all them Traegers!