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Tomales Bay Oysters and Clams

This afternoon we decided to go down to Tomales Bay and see for ourselves what all the oyster fuss was about. (Read: Our neighbor got us hooked on those gosh dang good oysters and we needed more. Plus some clams. Hi Ari.)

The drive was beautiful. The landscape is beautiful. I love this whole area. A lot.





Anyway, we stopped first at The Marshall Store and had a little lunch. We shared: a cup of clam chowder, some fish tacos, and some barbecued oysters with chorizo and butter. OMG those were good. Why have we never barbecued oysters??


Barbecueing them on a big enclosed Traeger:


Here's the view from our lunch:


Okay two older guys just walked right through our campsite, with their dog, knocking back one of the tiki torches. They passed about an inch from our open window here at the dinette. We said "hi" but they apparently couldn't hear us. Apparently they're not old enough to know that it's rude to walk through other people's campsites. Sheesh!

Okay where was I? Oh yes. Barbecued oysters.

After lunch we headed a couple miles further south to the Tomales Bay Oyster Company to get some of our very own to cook tonight. Yes, again. We got two dozen Preston Point small oysters, and a 2lb bag of Manila clams (hi Ari!). I think I'll cook the clams in some white wine, butter, and garlic, and Kevin's going to barbecue some oysters…not sure of his method yet. Will report back.

We had to move down a few spots this morning (leaving our beloved spot #36), but we're still on the edge of the bay and can still see and hear the sea lions. Today we saw part of the flock of white pelicans that live around here….and Bob and Sissy (from Gourmet au Bay) came over for breakfast this morning and that was a great time. We're going to try to get some shots of their place from the hexacopter out over the bay when the wind is calm enough… (Of course we're working like crazy in between all of this fun, but whatever. We're still having fun.) 


  1. Hog Island next time! The kumamotos. They are tiny and pure ocean heaven—they need to be eaten raw, though. I do like Tomales Bay oysters to, but Hog Island are the best. Also, if you get a chance to try Drakes Bay Oyster Co., do — they’re on State Park land, and they’re about to be kicked off, so they won’t be around much longer. They have big fat oysters, which are my least favorite of the three raw, but are great for BBQing.

    Also, Nick’s Cove is a really good restaurant with a great view. If you just want snacks or drinks, head out *behind* the restaurant to the little cabin room at the end of the pier, and you can phone in drink/appetizer orders that they’ll bring out to you.

    I’m sure you’ll be glad when you’re out of this area and I stop demanding you go places — I miss this area so much (especially the oysters!), so I’m living vicariously through you while stuck in the landlocked areas of the U.S.!

  2. (…that’d be *National* Park land. And “too.”

  3. I was JUST telling Kevin I think we need another drive down there. Maybe tomorrow. 🙂 Then we can hit Hog Island and Nick’s Cove.

    And you just demand away…I appreciate the tips! I love this area so much too. It’s why we haven’t left, and might even stay til the last possible minute before we need to head back and meet friends in Oregon.

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