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An Evening in Oakland


Last night we drove over to Oakland and had dinner at Miss Pearl's at the Jack London Square. The food was good (gumbo, fried chicken, hushpuppies) and the drinks were appropriately southern (mint julep, sazerac). (Above photo of cranes taken from the waterfront walk that we so desperately needed after dinner.)


Here are just a few more random shots I took while we were driving and walking around.




Inadvertent abstract on the back of a parking lot sign:


Oh, and there's this:


It's the Potomac, and it was FDR's "Presidential Yacht."

Today it's raining, and turns out the shuttle service listed on the website for this place is…well…it's a lie. Not only will they not drop you off at the convention center like the front desk assured me in person when we checked in, but they don't have hourly departures from 9am – 1pm as stated, but only one at 9:30am and one at 10:30am. And then there are only two return times from the city, not four or five as it lists on their schedule. Lame. Kevin took a cab this morning ($25.50) for his meetings, and I'll drive the truck in later on and look for street parking for the few hours that I'll be there. 


  1. Aww, wish I’d known! I have a bunch of left-over gift certificates to Pearl’s from a web job I did for Chef’s Week that I’ll never, ever use that I’d’ve happily sent you. (I used one, but don’t think I’d go back there even if I still lived there!). If you spend more time in Jack London Square, go to Yoshi’s—have some sushi in the restaurant, and see some great jazz. Jack London Square is such a strange place — such a wonderful location, but it goes up and down in terms of what’s there. Some years it’s a great place to go, some years it’s a ghost town.

  2. Oh Kerri, You’re sweet! Yeah, we were killing some time before picking up friends at the airport so decided to check out the square. Last night it was fairly populated, but even with that, I felt a ghost towny vibe. Lots of empty buildings…but great potential. -L

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