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A Few Random Shots On Our Way Out

A seagull flying past us when Kevin was getting some more video up on the Sonoma Coast:


And I'm not sure why this thing Kevin said is still cracking me up:  "Miwok Beach. You come with."


Our neighbor's Airstream motor home with the fire paint job:


My "from a moving car" shots of the chapel in Bodega:



The schoolhouse in Bodega (from Hitchcock's The Birds):


Now, we're at Patrick's Point State Park in Trinidad, CA. We've been here before, and it's beautiful. And!!! There are BUNNIES everywhere!! Tonight there were five in our campsite. So cute.


We're cooking some dinner now, and tomorrow morning we'll go down to Agate Beach before we head out. We're in Spot 113 in the Agate campground loop and we have pretty much no AT&T cell service, but we do have Verizon data card service. So…internet, but no phone. I was wondering what we'd have here, and realized I should have a page on the blog that has all the campgrounds we've been to and what cell service/datacard serve they have and what date we reported it…(if only for us to refer back to when we want to know if we can stay somewhere on a work day or not!) But it might be helpful for you guys, too. Maybe we should just make a google spreadsheet that everyone can contribute to! 🙂