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Sonoma, Petaluma, Wine, Cheese

This afternoon we headed over to Sonoma for a little wine and cheese. We parked down near the plaza near Sonoma City Hall and walked around for a bit…stopped in at the Sonoma  Cheese Factory and tasted some port from Sonoma Valley Portworks (bought some) and some cheese called Teahive by Beehive Cheese Co. (amazing, also bought some). We also tasted some wine at the Adobe Road tasting room, grabed a steak taco at a stand, and then headed (on recommendation) to Keller Estate. They do a combination wine and food tasting and it was just lovely. We sat outside in the gorgeous weather and beautiful grounds and really dug every wine we tried. Came home with a 2010 La Cruz Vineyard Rose, a 2009 Oro de Plata Chardonnay, and a La Cruz Vineyard Syrah (2006 or 2007, I can't remember). 




Now, Jake is cooking a beef loin in the sous vide, some risotto with wild boar, and fresh asparagus from a stand down the road (and I think a tomato soup with a garnish of hot sauce caviar (of the molecular gastronomy variety). Should be awesome!