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A Little Bit Disappointed With Cape Disappointment

Today we drove from Stub Stewart State Park out to Cape Disappointment. (See earlier post about our previous day trip here…it's gorgeous!!). We stopped at Camp 18 for some lunch. If you are driving to or from the Oregon coast on highway 26, you should stop here. It's perfectly Oregon. It's a restaurant. It's a logging museum. It's a gift shop. It's a logger memorial. It has it all. Something for everyone.


Our Airstream looks huge in this photo:


Here's a taste of the decor, inside and out (I love that you grab an ax handle to open the front door.):




Nice antler chandelier:


Side story about Camp 18: One time (pre-Airstream) we we headed to one our of favortite hotel spots on the coast for Kevin's birthday. We were actually driving to the coast several days before his birthday and it was around 2pm and we realized we were hungry, right as we realized it was Thanksgiving Day. Hmm. We were about 10 miles from Camp 18 and as we got closer we both had the same thought: "Will it be open?" Not only were they open, but they had the most perfect, traditional Thanksgiving spread that every grandmother would be proud of. The hostess sat us near the roaring crackling fire, and we had turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes and green beans and pumpkin pie and a glass of wine and it was perfect. I love when things work out like that.

I like this shot of Kevin:


After lunch at Camp 18, we met up with Hwy 101 and headed north across the Astoria Bridge.

Photo1 (36)



Kinda like the Florida keys, only…cold and kinda rainy.


We got to our spot at Cape Disappointment State Park and worked about an hour trying to eke out some internet from all three of our data cards (Sprint, Verizon, AT&T) and no go. If we drove down to the park entrance kiosk we got four bars of AT&T, but a minute from there at our campsite: zip. 

We are now (8:30pm) up the road about 5 mintues at a commercial campground with good internet and we can still hear the waves and the frogs and we have internet and can continue our work week without a hitch. And there's a path through the sand to the ocean. So our original plan did not work out as planned, but everything is still awesome. No complaints.


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  1. The Bridge!! It haunts me. When we crossed it, there were 50 mph winds, we were almost completely fogged out and it was raining…. nail biter.

    Camp 18. Sign me up.

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