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From Cape Blanco, OR to Myers Flat, CA

Gorgeous drive today down 101. I drove the first part, Kevin drove the second part. 


We stopped for the night at Giant Redwoods RV Park in Myers Flat, CA, which apparently was very recently purchased by new owners (10 weeks ago). We followed the directions from 101 (it's just off Avenue of the Giants and pulled past what appears to be a very nicely built sign and stone wall/fence. The place was deserted, with two guys working, maybe two RVs and a tent site occupied, and a tractor. We paused for sec and one of the guys started walking our way. I got out and said "Hi. So, what's the deal with this place?" and he told us it was recently purchased and they're working on a bunch of improvements, and yes, in fact, it is open. He said we could pick any spot, and they have hookups, internet, and a dump station. And beer, in the office. 

We picked this spot:


Out out our back window there, is the Eel River:


(Posted by Laura)