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Fresh Crab and the Best Clam Chowder Ever

We just took a drive around the bay to get some fresh cooked crab at the Spud Point Crab Co. We picked up two bowls of clam chowder as well, and OMG it's the best clam chowder I've ever had. Ever. In my life. I'm not kidding. We smelled it for a while in the car and decided to eat one bowl when we got back to the trailer and save the other one for dinner. Incredible. It's got a garlicky, spicy flavor, and lots of clams…perfect thickness. Love it.

Anyway. Here are a few pics from across the bay. This is where we're camped:


A closer view (look how shiny!):


Fishing boats across from the crab shack:


Bodega Head (we'll come hike here after work tomorrow):


Kite boarding is quite popular here (it's very windy)…which means it's also not great for hexacopter/aerial photography just yet. Perhaps the wind will die down a little at sunset or something. Hard to imagine right now, but we'll see.


Here's a map so you can get a feel for where this campground is (click to enlarge). It's those little loops out on the end of that jetty:



  1. It’s fantastic! We love it here. We also spotted an RV park over near the docks that has waterfront full hookup spots. Sounds like we should try that one too next time! It’s got a view of the whole bay, and is walking distance to restaurants and biking distance to the clam chowder! 🙂 -L

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