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Checking out Port Orford, OR

Today we headed into Port Orford to check out the town and get some lunch. We stopped at a nice spot with an ocean view (and cell service) to make a few phone calls (Verizon internet at our campsite, but no AT&T for phone service).

We saw a road that looked like it might go down to the beach and decided we'd go see if we could drive on the beach a little before lunch. It did in fact go down to the beach…via a narrow path over a whole pile of driftwood. I put the truck in 4WD and went for it. This is at the bottom of the hill:


We drove out to some large rocks and Kevin decided to do a couple of flights with the hexacopter to get some aerial footage.


Great rocky beach! Just wait til he posts his video!




After doing a few flights and chatting with some locals on the beach for a bit, we headed back up to Griff's on the Dock for some fish & chips. 



This place is great. On one side there's a dining room, and on the other side it's a store with sweatshirts, tackle, and shells and rocks. In the back there's a fish market, and in the very back there's a "museum" with old photos of Port Orford in the 1800s, and more shells and rocks. We had fish and prawns and chips, and everything was fabulous. (I like how lightly breaded the seafood was.)



After lunch we walked back to check out a sign I saw on the way into the harbor.


We actually considered moving for tonight (better internet, cell service, and the Airstream would have looked so cute here!) but opted to stay put and go explore the lighthouse and the beach a bit today after we finish up some more work. The view was killer, for sure. Here's looking back to the boatyard, and Griff's on the Dock:


I took a couple shots of some good boatyard texture while we were there:



And boy, do I have a story to tell you guys in the next blog post!! 

(Posted by Laura)


  1. Amazing rocks, wow! Will have to make a visit here on our next trip back down to Oregon. Have fun 🙂

  2. What a great beach! Can’t wait to read all about the ‘story’ you have to tell! 🙂

  3. Ursula wuerner Ursula wuerner

    the pictures are GREAT!!! I finally got a 1968 airstream ,needs work but i can’t wait to get started!!

  4. Great shots! I love the subtle HDR effect you have going…really pops nicely with that grey sky. So looking forward to going here!

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