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Mosquito Pass


We'll be heading to Alumafandango in Denver this summer and I decided to look back at some photos from our last Airstream trip that included Colorado. It was a while ago, in the 2005 22' CCD. We were camped near Leadville (at Turquoise Lake?) and we decided to take a little day trip in the Explorer (not bothering to remove our tandem bike from the roof rack). We read about this dirt road from Leadville to Fairplay…over Mosquito Pass. "An easy 4WD mountain pass." Cool. 


There was one point where I got out, went down the road a bit in front of the Explorer, and was giving Kevin hand motions for which direction to turn the wheel so he'd go over the right rocks….it was not exactly "easy" really…but it was fun! We turned off somewhere near the top of the pass (13,185 feet!!) and took this little spur out to the left before continuing on to Fairplay. 

As you can see, that's quite a drop off.

Luckily for the driver, he could see just how close he was to the edge. Unluckily for the passenger (me) it looked there was nothing there but air and elevation, and at any second we would plummet to our deaths. I was freakin' out a little and at some point under the "I think I need to take a few photos" guise, I got out and walked ahead a bit. It was a much nicer view.

(Posted by Laura)