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Bacon and Wine

Yesterday we took Kyle on a little wine tour of Forest Grove. We started with the main reason we decided to do this today: Bacon Bash at David Hill Vineyards. From their website:

Everything is better with bacon. Everything bacon paired with extraordinary wine. We will pair smoked bacon, peppered bacon and more. Each prepared into bite size bacon bliss.

We started with a tasting of their estate pinot noir with a stick of bacon in the glass. It was actually quite good. Smoky spicy peppery sweet. 


The next wine was the reserve pinot noir, then the farmhouse red, then the pinot noir port. Bacon pairings in order were a spicy bacon meatball, then a wild boar-wrapped tater tot, and finally some salted maple bacon fudge. The fudge was good, the other things maybe did not benefit from sitting a while between the oven and our mouths…but it was fun, and the wine was great.

We then went by Apolloni and did a tasting and picked up our club shipment, and lastly to the Tualatin Estate tasting room of the Willamette Valley Vineyards. That was Kyle's favorite, and we had a great time there chatting with the wine steward. We picked up our club shipment there as well and added two bottles of the pinot noir style port that we love.

Came back to camp and barbecued some pork tenderloin and had it with a kale salad, black beans, and diced sweet potatoes. Today we're going to try to take Kyle for a flight if the weather ever cooperates, and go into Portland and hit an Airstream food card called Carte Blanche on Hawthorne for lunch. Check out that menu!

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