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This is the Best Airstream Floorplan Ever

We love the floorplan of our 27' FB Airstream (diagram below). A lot. Like, about every day we say "I love our Airstream. It's just perfect." That's HOW MUCH we love it.

27FB Floorplan(click image to enlarge)

Here are some reasons we love our 27' FB International's floorplan:

1. There is really no unused space. In our first Airstream (2005 22' Int'l CCD, floor plan below) we had one problem area: the desk. It quickly became mostly unused space (except for storing crap on top of and underneath). 

2. Separate shower from toilet/sink lavatory. (The 22' Airstream had a wet bath, so after shower you had to wipe down the whole thing.)

3. Bed with space on each side. I'd previously thought this was just an old person's requirement, but after crawling over Kevin to get out of bed for 5 years in the 22' (and the extreme ab workout it took to put sheets on the dang thing), I'm totally sold on the walkaround bed in the 27'. Plus, nightstand cupboards, to hold Xbox and stuff.

4. The light. Panoramic windows on BOTH ends, two skylights, and vista view windows. There's so much natural light inside this trailer…helpful during February in the Pacific Northwest.

5. Spacious, usable kitchen, with a good amount of counter space and a huge, deep sink. And storage space is excellent. (Although the counter space in the 22' was actually better.)

6. A sofa in addition to the dinette, for seating. (The only seating in our 22' was the dinette, and some of the foot space was taken up by the wheel well.)

7. Perhaps the biggest reason we love this layout, however, is the front bedroom and rear dinette/lounge area. It's perfect. The area where you spend the most time (the dinette and sofa) is also the spot with usually the best view. We mostly don't care much about the view from the bedroom (with one exception, see below). But we really care about the view from the dinette where we spend most of our time working when we aren't out hiking or exploring our location.

For reference, here's the floorplan for the 22' International CCD we had from 2005-2010:


Check out floorplans for other models of Airstream here on the Airstream website.

What do you think? Do you have your favorite floorplan? If not, what would you change about your present floorplan?

*Exception: Sea & Sand RV Park in Depoe Bay. You back into spots that are up against a terrace, so that the front of your trailer (in our case, the bedroom) faces the ocean…but the thing that saves it is that you have to park your tow vehicle next to your trailer…it doesn't stay in front of it, blocking your view out of the bedroom's panoramic windows. Sleeping with the window open listening to the crashing waves…well…it was pretty great. We had our own Beach-O-Rama!

(Posted by Laura)