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Spicy Martinis

Last night at the rally, we made spicy martinis using some vodka that Lisa picked up from Bend Distillery: Mazama Pepper Infused Vodka. We used my martini shaker because she'd forgotton hers. The reason I mention this, is that just now I made us little mini martinis using the regular vodka we had in the freezer, garnished with two different olives and a marinated tomato, and luckily the ice in the shaker (we just store our shaker with the ice in the freezer next to the vodka…keeps the ice, it's all just used with vodka anyway)…yeah, so the ice in the shaker had some pepper vodka residue and our martinis tonight have just a hint of spicy kick. Thanks Lisa!


Spicy martini

(Posted by Laura)


  1. YUM!

  2. Lisa and Geo Lisa and Geo

    You’re welcome…THX for the shaker!

  3. This taken seems an oil painting,it’s wonderful.

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