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Making Art on the Road

I take so many photos while we're traveling. I run a professional studio back in Portland (mainly set up for the portraiture, bands, and publicity work I normally do), but when we're on the road I tend not to make much in the way of art. Many photos get forgotten and eventually end up archived on a disc at my studio or at home (unless they're for the blog!). After quite a bit of traveling, I've started to miss making stuff. I have an awesome (big) printer at the studio (an Epson 4800) and that printer is so awesome that a few years ago I completely stopped using my smaller printer at home (an Epson 2200). Before we left home this time, I brought the 2200 back to life (cleaned the print heads, got new ink, made sure I had the proper ICC profiles downloaded for my ink/paper combination) and it was working so well I decided to lug it along. It's not small, however, (about 25" x 35" x 15" while printing) and takes up most of the room under the dinette in between printing sessions.

I'm happy to be making things again, and I decided to create an Etsy shop to sell small prints.

Below is a series of prints based on photographs I took of charred trees burned in forest fires in Central Oregon. The original images were stark silhouettes, but I wanted to highlight the lines and complicated shapes (the part I found the most interesting and beautiful).


I've got single shots, several series (including some aerial "blueprints" of amusement parks), and a bunch of singles taken while traveling. 


Anyway, take a look if you want, and let me know what you think!

(Posted by Laura)