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Creepy Black Pods


We went on a hike this morning (we're out at Stub Stewart State Park, near Vernonia, OR) and the hillside was just covered with these dead pods that were mostly black, against the golden hillside. Great texture! I photographed one against the asphalt, and brought it back and stuck it in a little vase. It looks great. Here's an out-of-focus shot of one against the hillside, so you can see what I mean about the color:

The weather here has been crazy. At the end of our hike as we were approaching the Airstream it started to snow, and snowed quite heavy for about 20 minutes. Then, sun. Now, clouds and more rain. Here's my attempt to capture the snow with my iPhone out the Airstream window.


(Posted by Laura)

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  1. That’s pretty good. Captures the weather drama.

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