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Sea & Sand


We're at Sea & Sand RV Park in Depoe Bay this week. There's a cluster of spots here right down by the bluff that are pretty nice. They're in three or four levels (like auditorium seating) so everyone can have a nice view of the ocean.We got here yesterday afternoon and stayed in this spot in the front row (#112) last night. Today we'll move up a tier to #95. 

Prior to sunset, most people move their chairs out to the edge, over by the rocks, and sit sipping their cocktails or whatever while the sun goes down. But man, as soon as that sun was down, everyone just bails, fast. We were the only ones left and the sun had only gone down two minutes ago! It's like "Show's over people, git outta here!" 

Last night we cooked some tenderloins on the Traeger (with truffle butter and truffle salt to finish), some roasted broccoli, and some black beans with our homemade tomatillo salsa. We plan to go salmon fishing on Tuesday (and maybe Wednesday we well) so with some luck we'll be cooking freshly caught salmon mid-week. 

Here's another shot taken from the tier above:


Not a back-in site, so our bedroom is what faces the beach (lucky we have panoramic windows on both front and back)…great for leaving the window open and listening to the waves crash all night.