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Got Trout?

Okay so this lake, Diamond Lake, is gorgeous, and I hear that it was stocked with 500,000 trout not too long ago, and I can definitely see Tons of Fish! on our fishfinder, but we've fished for two whole days and haven't caught squat.

Oh, and the mosquitos are CRAZY here. WTF? The camp host was all "Yeah, well, any body of water in Oregon, you know…." and I'm thinking "No fuckin' way dude, we are at lakes ALL the time in Oregon and I've never in my life seen this many mosquitos." I think actually that's why the fish aren't biting. It's because they're stuffed to the gills with bugs. Although I'm not sure to explain how that cute little chubby kid down the row from us was walking up from the lake with a net filled with 10 or so trout, but whatever. Maybe he bought 'em at the store.

(Posted by Laura)


  1. Donna Donna

    Hey Laura:

    Maybe the fish are reading some stressed vibes you’re throwing off. Take the chubby kid with you next time and you might get some fish. You can laugh with or at the chubby kid and the fish will read the happy vibes.
    Good fishin’

  2. Donna,
    I’m pretty sure he’s the one laughing at me while he cleans his net full of trout and I have chicken breasts for dinner after fishing all day. The chicken was delicious, though, so everyone’s happy. 🙂

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