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Internet on the Road

Lots of people have questions about our on-the-road internet setup.  Here's the current state of affairs.  (Warning – this gets a little technical and messy. I'm an electronic engineer, so I like that stuff.)  There are some tips at the end for simplifying the setup to be easier to use…


Exploring Spokane

Okay well that might be a misleading title. We explored a very small area while we bolted into town for an hour and a half to have lunch and take some photos in between the pile of work we had/have to do today and between two of Kevin's conference calls.…

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Today I Just Worked

Today, I just worked all day and didn't do anything very fun or interesting. I drove up the hill to make some phone calls (yay, cell service!) then drove back down the hill to get the printer out and print some DMV forms to fill out and mail. I went…

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