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Wanna Get Away?

We are trying to get back out in the Airstream, really we are. We've had a bunch of business travel and so much work in Portland that we keep pushing it out a bit more, and then a bit more. In the meantime, it's actually fun to be at home…

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Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope you're having a lovely day wherever you are. Our smoked duck (and the rest of our meal) came out great and the kitchen's a mess and we just went for a nice walk around the lake here (while it was snowing! with the sun out! but nothing stuck).…

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Tour our Airstream

Each time we get some good interior shots, we stick them all in one place here for those of you who want to come inside and check it out! The shots closer to the top are the more current ones (bedding, pillows, accessories, etc.) but I’ve left some of the…

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