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Category: Kayaking

Melanie Cove | Desolation Sound | BC

After our stop at Mitlenatch Island yesterday, we continued on to Melanie Cove, inside of Desolation Sound Marine Provincial Park. There are three areas to anchor in Desolation Sound Marine Park: Prideaux Haven, Melanie Cove, and Laura Cove. There were 4 or 5 boats in Prideaux Haven, and 5 boats in Melanie Cove…


Car-Topping the Hobie Tandem Island (Step-by-Step)

We posted several months ago about how we car-top our Hobie Tandem Island while towing our Airstream, and we've had a huge amount of traffic on that post as well as a number of questions from readers. As a follow-up, here is an illustrated step-by-step guide to what we do.…