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Kuiu Island

We left Kake mid-day, since Halleck Harbor (in Saginaw Bay) was just 15 miles or so around the corner and we had to wait for the fuel dock…or, the fuel truck. Kake used to have a small fuel dock, but last winter the dock blew away during a storm that brought 80-knot winds for several days, then 70-knot winds from the opposite direction. For now, they’re delivering fuel to a town dock by truck, but they can’t deliver on minus tides, so we had to wait until early afternoon when the tide had risen.

Two years ago a friend in Ketchikan told us about a petroglyph in Halleck Harbor that we thought we’d try to find. While getting fuel in Kake, a local asked where we were headed, and then told us about the same petroglyph. He said we’d find it on the white cliffs outside the bay, near the sea caves.

Once anchored in Halleck Harbor, we took the dinghies out to the cliffs and found the petroglyph immediately. It’s quite large, and high on the cliff. Locals say there are burial caves here, near the sun.

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