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The Most Humpbacks We’ve Ever Seen Bubble-net Feeding in One Group

We had the most amazing day last Friday, cruising from Tenakee Springs to Hoonah. Just outside of Tenakee Inlet we found ourselves in the midst of about 20 humpback whales. This is not the most whales we’ve seen in one spot, but it’s definitely the largest group we’ve ever seen bubble-net feeding together. We counted at least 14 in the same group of cooperative feeders. It was incredible, and difficult enough to describe with pictures, let alone words. Here’s my attempt at some visual highlights (but you really need to be there, hearing the loud breaths and horn-like sounds from the spouts, and the chatter of the seagulls as they compete for the falloff). 🙂

There were so many whales, so close, that I couldn’t even fit them all in my frame.

Kevin was able to take the Mavic up and got some cool drone footage: