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We’ve Left the Dock!

This has been a busy couple of weeks! We returned to Airship on Saturday and promptly started on a bunch of projects we still had left to do — a bit more provisioning, ordering a few more parts, going back for things we forgot, stuff like that.

One of our projects was to install two additional LTE/4G/3G/WiFi antennas (thanks SinglePoint!) on Airship’s mast so we can more effectively provide internet for our Slowboat flotilla to Alaska that we’re co-leading with Sam. We officially head north on Sunday and I think this upgrade will make our little “Slowboat Internet Cafe” (aka Airship rafted to Safe Harbour) pretty successful in terms of connectivity for people as we head up the Inside Passage. Here’s what they look like, all installed:

We’d originally had our guy Tony scheduled to help us with this install (since, you know, he’s a pro) but he got too busy and behind on his other stuff, so we ended up on our own. I think we did a pretty good job, considering.

Next up was the super cluttered pantry cupboard, especially the spices. There are far too many spice jars in here. I keep the most used spices in the front, but whenever I need something other than garlic, chipotle, cumin, or cayenne, it takes about 10 minutes to find what I want, and it’s a pain in the butt.

Oh yeah, and the tea. The boxes of tea take up way too much space…all that air! So here’s my solution: For the spices, I ordered these and ditched all the round jars. There are three clear acrylic trays that hold six spice jars each:

and for the tea, I got one of these Oxo square storage containers (left):

The pantry now feels way more civilized.

We managed to fit in a few social things in between projects: dinner one night with our friend Andrea at A’Town Bistro, after which we were treated to this sky:

A beer and some calamari at Anthony’s Cabana on a nice day:

Last night we went over to the bowling alley (San Juan Lanes Bar & Grill) in Anacortes for some fish & chips with Sam and two of our flotilla-goers. I know, but listen, San Juan Lanes has been voted “Best Fish & Chips” for 19 years in a row (they’re really hoping for the big 2-0 this year!) and they did NOT disappoint. SUPER fish & chips. And, you know…you can’t beat that bowling alley ambiance.

And finally today (after filling the water tanks, fueling up, getting dinghy gas, and topping off the propane) we left the marina and we’re now on a mooring ball at Turn Island. Kevin took the drone up for this shot:

Tomorrow we’ll head into Friday Harbor to meet up with some more friends, and then on Saturday morning we’ll cruise over to Roche Harbor to meet our flotilla (and probably do a load of laundry, and pick up a few more things we think we need at the market).

Here’s the view from making dinner: