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Boat Projects, and Another Night at Cypress Island

We spent the past two days working on boat projects in Anacortes, and finished up today with enough time to head out to Cypress Island for another night. Always good to test things after maintenance projects.

As soon as we grabbed a mooring ball, I suggested Kevin take up the drone for some photos. Here’s what he got:

Not that much later, we noticed a bit more drama in the sky, so I snapped these two shots…

And then Kevin took the Mavic up again for a few more aerial shots:

I’m glad we came out here tonight…our original plan was to just stay in the marina and go up to Anthony’s for cocktails and seafood. This is much better. We are grilling shrimp and chicken for tacos and sauteeing some zucchini with tomatoes and crispy shallots.

Here’s a list of the some of the boat projects we’ve accomplished while in Anacortes this week:

  1. Install new outboard on the dinghy (vroom!!)
  2. Install new dinghy seat (with storage!)
  3. Change main engine secondary fuel filter
  4. Change main engine zincs
  5. Change generator primary fuel filter
  6. Change generator raw water impeller
  7. Replace macerator pump
  8. Gather new miscellaneous spare parts

The changing of the main engine’s secondary fuel filter was a doozy of a job. The dang thing wouldn’t budge, even with a good strap wrench and plenty of muscle. The strap wrench was eventually denting the thing, and eventually (after Googling the issue and calling Cap Sante Marine for advice) we resorted to stabbing a screwdriver through the entire filter and then ALSO using the strap wrench to finally twist it free. I wonder how long it’ll smell like diesel in here.