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A Rainy Day in Astoria

Yesterday, after some work in the morning (oh, and more rain…did I mention it’s been raining out here?) we drove north up 101 to Astoria for some late breakfast that turned into lunch at the Bridgewater Bistro. The Bridgewater Bistro is in a 100 year old cannery building, just to the left of where I’m standing to take the above photo.

We had a salmon BLT and some fish and chips…both were great! After lunch (still raining) we went over to the Columbia River Maritime Museum. It’s been a few years since we last visited, and it seems like they’ve really increased the scope and quality of the exhibits since then.

We spent some time reminding ourselves why we don’t really want to cross the Columbia Bar in Airship:

This abalone and sea urchin fishing boat was swept out to sea during the 2011 Japanese tsunami. Two years and 5,000 miles at sea later, it washed ashore at Cape Disappointment in Washington. The boat’s owner, Katuo Saito, 72, was found and contacted, and though grateful his boat had been found, he did not wish for it to be returned to him:

Ships in a line, anchored, waiting to cross the bar. (We counted eight of them.)

The 20 minute movie at the museum right now is a 3D film about hurricanes and had some fantastic “How’d they do that?” footage! Afterwards, we went and toured the lightship Columbia. This lightship was basically a floating lighthouse, stationed about 6 miles off the entrance to the Columbia River, and served as a major navigational aid where it wasn’t feasible to build a lighthouse. Lightship No. 604/Columbia, left her station in November of 1979 after being replaced by an automated navigational buoy. She’s now part of the maritime museum and your entry fee to the museum includes a self guided tour of the Columbia.

I was trying to get a shot of Columbia’s pilothouse, but the reflection was a little much. Instead, I got this cool photo of ghosty Kevin with pilothouse and portholes.

We saw a 4:20pm screening of Jordan Peele’s film “Get Out” (good article about it here, without spoilers), which we both enjoyed quite a bit. As we left the theater we noticed it was not raining, so we drove south and out to Ecola State Park for a little walk and some gorgeous views:

Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach, taken from the car window:

Hope this non-rain trend continues for a few days!