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More from Sucia Island


The sunrise yesterday looked exactly like the sunrise today. It’s cold (28 degrees Fahrenheit) and perfectly crystal clear out. It’s gorgeous out!

Yesterday Kevin and Sam and I had breakfast on Sam’s boat and then hiked out to Ewing Cove to check out the sea conditions. Snowy mountains in the distance, from Echo Bay:

sucia-2 sucia-2-2

Rough water out past Ewing Cove. It’s hard to tell just how rough it was by these photos…but we would not have wanted to be out there yesterday!

sucia-2-3 sucia-2-4

Back on Safe Harbour, the three of us got to work on more webcast material. We’re excited to share these next ones with you!

Some clouds moved in yesterday afternoon and gave us a beautiful sunset:


I cooked dinner last night on Sam’s boat (shrimp tacos, and rice and beans). Here we are…at the dock in Fossil Bay, with the whole island to ourselves:


Here’s one of Sam’s drone shots from the other day (the day it was not gusting to 40 knots). This gives a good perspective. We’re docked in Fossil Bay, and the land that’s at the far left toward the top of the island is the outer edge of Ewing Cove:


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  1. Kevin McLaughlin Kevin McLaughlin

    Envy! Winterizing my boat today at my new homeport of Bremerton. Instead of natural scenery, I have the destroyer Turner Joy for a backdrop!

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