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Octopus Islands to Rebecca Spit | BC

Last night just as we were eating dinner, guess who pulled into the cove where we were anchored? Thomas, Lars, and Urban…on Dawnbreaker! After dinner we had them over for some brownies and wine (and stories, and laughing, and planning the next anchorages….)


This morning after breakfast, Kevin took the drone up for some aerial photos, because look at this location!!

octopusislands-0792 octopusislands-0760 octopusislands-0757 octopusislands-0726 octopusislands-0754

We took the dinghy out for a little exploration before we left. We beached it on Octopus Island and walked around a little.


Oops…someone lost an anchor:

octopusislands-7189 octopusislands-7194

I found a couple of large beds of sea asparagus on the beach on Octopus Island, so I harvested a couple of handfuls and will probably cook it up or put it in a salad. There are tons of recipes online for things to do with sea asparagus.

octopusislands-7196 octopusislands

Both Airship and Dawnbreaker left around the same time…to hit Surge Narrows around slack this afternoon at 2pm. Slack was…slack. Uneventful in Surge Narrows…


Looking out into Sutil Channel:


Gorgeous anchorage at Rebecca Spit:


We dinghied over to the Heriot Bay Inn & Marina and then walked up to the market to restock on veggies and wine. If we didn’t feel so much like grilling back on the boat in this gorgeous weather, we’d have tried out the pub or restaurant at the Inn…


Back on Airship we sat on the top deck with a beer and some snacks and watch the light from the sunset over the spit. Not sure where we’ll go tomorrow yet, but here’s the view from right now:


There’s good internet here (and there has been since we left the Octopus Islands) so we’ve been working all along the way as well…it’s not just as interesting to write about work! 🙂