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Wrangell to Thoms Place


We left Wrangell and headed down Zimovia Strait to Thoms Place. We hadn’t been to Thoms Place before, but heard there was good crabbing so we figured it was about time to get some more crab! (Plus, we had a day to kill between Wrangell and Anan Creek.)

I love this photo:


We fished for a while but didn’t catch anything, so eventually went in to Thoms Place and anchored, then got the crab traps ready to put out. It was high tide, so after setting the crab traps, we explored a bit in the dinghy. We were able to go way back in through and around all these little islands that aren’t islands except at high tide…it was so cool! We saw a black bear sow and her two cubs, but I didn’t have my camera with me, so no photos, boo.

Later in the afternoon Kevin went out in the dinghy with a beer and his fishing rod and fished around for a while, while I read a book. He caught a couple (okay four) too-small something or others…he hasn’t identified what kind of fish they were yet. Here he is, heading out (note the Xtratuf coozie on the seat next to him…nice!):


UPDATE: The fish were Slimy Sculpins.

Here’s what Thoms Place looks like:

thomsplace-5625 thomsplace-5630 thomsplace-5638

Shoreline reflection totem, turned sideways (so many faces in this one!):


We had a permit for Anan Creek Bear Observatory for Friday morning, so we got up fairly early to check the crab traps (22 crabs!!! 6 keepers…the rest too small or females, but finally…some crab!)

Next up: bears catching fish!!