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White Pass and Yukon Route Railroad

We left Airship in the marina this morning and headed for the train station.

whitepass_yukon-6659 whitepass_yukon-6658

I called yesterday to make a reservation for the 8:15am ride up to the White Pass summit, but the ticket seller talked me into the steam train excursion that went a bit further out to Fraser Meadows, BC, and…well, steam train!! (This particular steam train excursion leaves at 8am on just 7 Mondays over the summer…and today was one of those Mondays.) We’re so glad we stayed and did this. The chances of getting to Skagway again with weather this perfect, well, I don’t know what they are but it seems like it could be kinda rare. 🙂

Here comes our train!

whitepass_yukon-6665 whitepass_yukon-6667

We rode in Car No. 216, one of the earliest cars built. The White Pass and Yukon Route railroad was constructed between September and December 1898. [See the “History” page on their website for more details.]


The original Klondike Trail of 1898:

whitepass_yukon-6777 whitepass_yukon-6779

They don’t allow anyone to hike this trail anymore because this area is all a protected park now, but there are spots where you can still see the narrow remains.

The old trestle bridge that we did not take:

whitepass_yukon-6785whitepass_yukon-6721 whitepass_yukon-6724

White Pass Summit:


The United States/Canada border:


Up in subalpine land:

whitepass_yukon-6770 whitepass_yukon-6767 whitepass_yukon-6751 whitepass_yukon-6750 whitepass_yukon-6747 whitepass_yukon-6744 whitepass_yukon-6741 whitepass_yukon-6736

Remains of an old snow drift fence:


The views are just spectacular.

whitepass_yukon-6793 whitepass_yukon-6792

You can see all the way back to Skagway in this shot:

whitepass_yukon-6788 whitepass_yukon-6784 whitepass_yukon-6782 whitepass_yukon-6781 whitepass_yukon-6708 whitepass_yukon-6703 whitepass_yukon-6696 whitepass_yukon-6685 whitepass_yukon-6677

whitepass_yukon-6794 whitepass_yukon-6802

A map of the railroad route:

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 3.32.50 PM

I really wanted (and expected to find) this t-shirt in the gift shop, but apparently they don’t make a shirt like this, which is really a shame, don’t you think?


The logo looks so great on the black train car…how could they NOT have designed a shirt to match?

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