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Back in Juneau

Yesterday morning we left Tracy Arm Cove early and decided to stop and try for another (smaller, hopefully) halibut over near the entrance to Endicott Arm, the scene of “the one that got away.” Our thought was that we’d fish until it was time to head back to Dawes Glacier, leaving us enough time to hang out at the glacier for a little bit, and then come back to enter Ford’s Terror at high slack.

We finished fishing (no fish) but as we were heading into Endicott, we realized that since it was so foggy (socked in, really), that we wouldn’t be getting the whole benefit of glacier-viewing and the Ford’s Terror scenery. Also, we both had some work and tax stuff we really needed to do (with internet) before being so off-the-grid for a few more days (with only satellite text), so we figured we’d do the responsible thing and go up to Juneau instead, then return on the weekend. We’ll also be bringing some friends down here while they’re visiting in a couple weeks, so we’ll get two more chances to enjoy the off-gridness of Ford’s Terror.

Juneau was much less foggy than Tracy Arm/Endicott Arm.


We met up with our friend Steve Birkinbine (Steve runs the Nordic Tug Charters operation in Juneau, and you might remember him from last year’s drama.) Steve is now a good friend and we’re happy to be back in Juneau to hang out a bit!

We’re staying on Steve’s dock along with some sailboat friends of his from Calgary, and we all went to dinner last night together. It was a great time. We’ll power through a bunch of work for a couple days, and head back to Ford’s Terror on Friday for the weekend. Hope the weather stays like it is today in Juneau!


Here’s yesterday’s route from Tracy Arm/Endicott Arm to Juneau, minus the time we headed back into Endicott (I’d paused the tracking and forgot to unpause it for a bit). 50.4 nautical miles, 7 hours 45 minutes:


We saw quite a few humpbacks in the distance (well, and also kinda close) but no more dolphins.