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Airship to Alaska | Day 6 | Shoal Bay to Port Harvey, BC

Airship Goes to Alaska 2016


We left Shoal Bay this morning around 8am (after Kevin retrieved our crab traps…which contained two more big male Dungeness) to time getting to Greene Point Rapids and Whirlpool Rapids at favorable times. We were early for Greene Point (oooh, look how scary!)…


…in order to get to Whirlpool Rapids around slack. The drama was non existent. Just how we like it. 

Conditions were calm in Johnstone Strait, and bonus! The current was helping us out about a knot and a half's worth.


Sideways totems on the shore:




We're now at Port Harvey hanging out with George. The main building is of course gone (here's the story of what happened), but they're rebuilding, and George will still be making cinnamon buns this summer (starting in about a week). There's a nice 48' x 48' floating dock that will soon have a big tent on it, making it a nice place to hang out with some shade. He's also got a pizza oven coming from Italy that will be installed in the new digs. Can't wait to see how great this place shapes up to be (after a TON of work after the barge sank last November). If you're coming this way, definitely stop and say hi to George and ask him about his pizza oven. The support of the boating community is so important for cool spots like this to thrive, and Port Harvey was, is, and will continue to be such a great spot for boaters. 

Here's today's route from Shoal Bay to Port Harvey (43.4 nautical miles, 5 hours 35 minutes):


While we were cooking our crab for dinner (crab enchiladas!) Kevin took the drone up and we got a few cool photos of Port Harvey:


And here's a shot of the repairs and new 48' x 48' floating dock:


Tomorrow morning we'll head over to Pierre's at Echo Bay, and then on Sunday hopefully over to Port McNeil to prep for crossing Cape Caution and provision for the next leg of our trip. (Today the conditions were 1.5 foot waves with a 14 second period….glassy!! Let's hope it stays that way!)