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Airship to Alaska | Day 15 | Hartley Bay to Prince Rupert

Airship Goes to Alaska 2016

Whoa! We made it to Prince Rupert! Two weeks after leaving the San Juan Islands. 🙂

We left Hartley Bay this morning at 6am. The cruise to Prince Rupert was almost 80 miles, so we had a long day ahead of us…


…a long day in Grenville Channel, that is. (Also known as "the Ditch.") This time in Grenville Channel was not nearly as exciting as our trip south was. (See here what I mean, in our post from last summer called "Bubblenet Bonanza".)

We did see a couple of humpbacks on our way though, also heading north like us.




Today's cruise was long and gray and pretty chill. I made breakfast under way (used the last of our crab for a little crab/benedict/florentine concoction), and we took turns showering, working out, and napping. 

Fairview Terminal cranes as we entered Prince Rupert:


We arrived at Prince Rupert around 4:30pm and are staying at the new Cow Bay Marina. It's super nice! They've got power and water on the docks, trash and recycling, and their showers and washrooms go in…maybe tomorrow. So they're almost there! We walked up and had an early dinner at the Cow Bay Cafe (so good!!) and we're checking weather to see if tomorrow looks good enough for a Dixon Entrance crossing. If so, it'll be another 80 mile day. Woohoo! 

Today's route from Hartley Bay to Prince Rupert (78.7 nautical miles, 10 hours 47 minutes):



  1. Steve Mitchell Steve Mitchell

    The Ruby Princess leaves from Seattle right near my marina, and when they back out, some terrible band starts singing various songs. One of them they love to start with is Hawaii Five-O, and our whole marina can hear it for about 5 minutes while they do their thing. I don’t know why anyone likes these floating death traps full of fattening food and bad music, but it must be interesting to someone, since there are so many of them…

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