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Another Night at Cypress Island

Yesterday afternoon we went out on a sea trial of the new Nordic Tug 40, and this morning we went to the factory to check out another new Nordic Tug 44. We'll blog about this separately I think, but both new boats look fantastic. This afternoon we decided to pop over to Cypress Island for the night. We stopped at our favorite local seafood spot, Black Rock Seafood, and picked up some fresh local halibut, a few local spot prawns, some Shigoku and extra small Pacific oysters, and one container each of salmon pâté and smoked albacore pâté from Seabolts Smokehouse. (They are almost always sold out of these pâtés…they're so good!)

We got over to Cypress and did a few boat projects before heading to shore for a short hike. 


We took the dinghy around Cypress Head and beached it on the other side of the sandy bar that connects it to the rest of the island:


There are two other boats here, and one empty mooring ball.


Tons of tiny, dead, brightly colored crabs on shore. 🙁


Curvy tree:



The hike around Cypress head is really only about a mile, but the other option from here goes straight up and we just weren't in the mood for that today.

Here's the track of our dinghy ride back to Airship from the other cove. There was about a 2kt current against us and a nice rip around the north edge of Cypress Head, but the Torqeedo handled it just fine!

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 6.00.03 PM

Around the south end of Cypress Head:


Here's my office view right now (and if you look closely at my monitor, you'll get a sneak peak of the new NT40. I got some killer shots today of it as we were on our way out of Guemes Channel today, nicely lit with Mt. Baker in the background):


Dinner tonight will start with some oysters on the half shell, and then I think we'll grill this fresh halibut and I'll make a caesar salad (with my new homemade caesar dressing technology). Happy Saturday everyone!