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Boaty Waxed Canvas Roll-Top Bag

Remember our friend Laura at Vacilando Quilting Co.? She made our beautiful "Boat Quilt" as well as two navy blue "Subway Totes" for the boat. Well, she recently started making waxed canvas, roll-top versions of her Subway Totes and so I chose this navy blue ticking material and asked her make us two more totes. (You can never have enough things to carry other things in on a boat.) They're super great, and more water resistant than the original totes (the canvas is waxed with beeswax). We used them the other day to pack a quick overnight back for our anniversary getaway, and they were just PERFECT.


Laura makes all of these awesome things from her Airstream. So if you need the most perfect tote ever (or a gorgeous custom quilt or pillows…) I can't say enough about how much we love Laura's work. 🙂