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Seattle to Port Gamble

We left Seattle yesterday around 11am and headed north. 





Passing Point No Point Lighthouse:


The water was calm and we headed up to Port Gamble to anchor for the night (just inside the entrance to Hood Canal). 



Sunset from our anchorage:


We anchored just past the spit on the north side, near Point Julia. Great holding…very calm in here last night.

After we finish up some work here this morning we plan to dinghy over to town for some exploring (and more testing of the Torqueedo electric outboard). 

Happy Monday!

Yesterday's route (31.5 nautical miles):

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 9.58.32 AM

p.s. OMG I almost forgot (because there were no photos)! On Saturday night we met up with our friends Kathy and Pete, who took us to the most fabulous Italian restaurant over in Issaquah. (I know!!) It's called Montalcino and it's a tiny, intimate family-run spot (max capacity 35) and there was a guy singing Italian opera and it was lovely but holy moly the FOOD. It's fantastic! We will DEFINITELY make a point to return to this place. Goodness…we haven't had food like that since Italy! I had a special pasta with wild boar and wild mushrooms that I shared with Kevin (but I didn't want to after I tasted it). Kevin had a pasta dish with some kobe meatballs (also very good, just not as good as mine). Their family house Brunello was good, the house-made Bufala mozzarella…I'm full just thinking about it. (Check out the food photos on their facebook page.) YUM!


  1. Kevin McLaughlin Kevin McLaughlin

    There’s always Mystery Bay! Reached by transiting one of the most sinuous channels ever!

    • We did Mystery Bay when we were down here last…that channel is fun! 🙂

  2. eheffa eheffa

    Hmmm, is the Glow plug on the Wallas expected to fail this early? Is it considered a maintenance item or would that still be on warranty?

    We are out a fair bit this time of year and our Wallas heater runs continuously for a few days at a time. (I’m wondering if I should have one as a spare for ours…)

    Thanks for the warning.


    • It’s considered a maintenance item. The guys at Scan Marine said it’s like a lightbulb, and when it goes, it just goes with no warning. I asked about a spare and they asked how much we use the boat/heater, and when I told him, he said absolutely. So I’d say yes, always good to have a spare! 🙂

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