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Hiking to Johnson Point, Sucia Island


This morning's sunrise (taken from our moorage in Fox Cove, looking toward Fossil Bay) was tough to capture in a photo. The glow coming from behind that forested hill was much cooler in person.

After breakfast and a bunch of work, we dinghied into shore to do some hiking. Sucia Island is one of our favorite hiking destinations in the San Juan Islands. 


We headed for Johnson Point today, since we hadn't done this hike in a while. The weather today (again) is sunny and cold and gorgeous. The trail was a little icy and crunchy in spots:


Approaching the point:


Beautiful view from Johnson Point:


Smooth, colorful Madrone trees:


Here's a trail map of Sucia Islands (via Mobile Maplets). We took the trail out to Johnson Point, and then on the way back we took a (maybe non-official, low-tide-only) trail along Snoring Bay and Mud Bay back to the homestead and then joined up with our original trail back across to Fox Cove.

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 4.03.32 PM

Heading back to Airship to get warm:

I think I'll make a pot of soup for dinner tonight, because….brrrrrrr. The high today was 39F and the low will be 25F. Our heater is working hard out here.

We're not complaining at all though, because this:


And this, 5 minutes later: