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Cocktail Shaker for the Boat Bar

I found the perfect cocktail shaker for the boat! 


Greg Just over at Just Turned hand turns these beautiful wooden cocktail shakers in his Blaine, Minnesota studio. He uses walnut, cherry, maple, birch, and will do custom orders if you don't find what you want in his shop. The shaker we purchased is walnut with maple stripes. Here's Greg's nicely lit photo from his website (where you can see it has a stainless steel liner and a snug-fitting lid):


I love the one we got, but I was also tempted by this cherry one with walnut and maple stripes:


The cocktail shakers are $59.95, but if cocktails aren't your thing, Greg makes some very nice wooden travel mugs for your coffee-to-go ($40).  

Looking forward to that next Airship manhattan!


  1. In the Airstream? Where are you headed?! BTW, beer bread was great!

    • I know! Can you believe it? It’ll be the first time we’ve taken it out since we got the boat (end of September 2014). We’re meeting some friends out in the Willamette Valley for some wine tasting. Just a quick trip, but it’ll be interesting after all this boat time!

      Glad you liked the beer bread. When I was a kid I think my mom made it with Coors Light. We made it with a pretty strong IPA last time and it was considerably more “beery” … I think something in between might be perfect. 🙂

  2. Laurie Laurie

    I was just wondering about your poor Airstream! Was it lonely? Did it miss you? I read several Airstream blogs and I think your decor is the prettiest. Do you have to haul your linens and things in the house when it sits unused for a period of time?

    • Awwww, thank you so much Laurie…that’s sweet of you to say.

      We’ll see the Airstream on Thursday when we hook up to go…hopefully it’s fine. 🙂 (We keep it in a secured storage garage not at our house….our driveway is too steep for it, and there’s no turnaround, so it’s never met the house.)

      Yeah, we take sheets and towels home each time we store it and bring them back clean…so everything should be exactly as we left it. We’ve gotten it outfitted well enough so that it’s not a huge pain to pack up and go when we feel like getting out in it….all we have to bring is food and clothes and we’re good to jam. 🙂

  3. Glen Glen

    If you get the opportunity make certain you hike the Eagle Cliff Trail on Cypress Island, it is the best hike in the San Juan Islands (in my opinion)!

    • Thanks for the tip, Glen! We’ve hiked to Duck Lake and Pelican Beach, but haven’t done the Eagle Cliff trail…yet! 🙂

      • Glen Glen

        The Eagle Cliff trail is closed from February through mid July (to protect nesting Peregrine Falcons). If you have a choice go on a clear day the view from the cliff is epic! My son was free-diving in Eagle Harbor on Friday and was amazed by both the quantity and size of the shrimp, I plan to shrimp there when the season opens next May.

        • Thanks Glen…we’ll definitely try to get to this before February…on a clear day! We have yet to try shrimping, but I think we’ll be heading to AK again come May, so we’ll likely miss it in the San Juans. We’ll have to try for spot prawns in BC I guess. 🙂

  4. Kevin McLaughlin Kevin McLaughlin

    Really want to anchor overnight there! Spent one night further south on Cypress Island At Deepwater Bay, where the fishpens are. No shore access to speak of, plus all the pump noise from the pens….

    • Definitely recommend Eagle Harbor for the hiking trail access!

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