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Port Harvey Marine Resort, BC

We were looking forward to coming back to Port Harvey on our way back through The Broughtons. We had such a fun time here in May when we were on our way north with the Waggoner flotilla that we even joined the Port Harvey Yacht Club. Here we are flying our yacht club burgee for the first time:


We were greeted by Gail (who we didn't get to meet when we were up in May…George was the only one here then). Gail gave us the restaurant menu for the night and took our dinner order after we tied up. No pizza this time, but we were pretty psyched to have ordered some ribs and some fish and chips to share. 


We walked around a bit and checked out the surprisingly well-stocked store! I'm not sure why we didn't go in there before, but it's great. Lots of things you probably need, Port Harvey apparel, gift cards, etc. 


There were two other boats at Port Harvey last night (boats that were also over at Lagoon Cove the previous night) and we all met up in the Red Shoe for dinner. It was fun to get to chat about boat stuff and Broughtons stuff. George hung out and chatted with us until it was almost dark and then we said good night.

Cinnamon buns are happening this morning and then we head out for Johnstone Strait to see how far we can get while the wind is calm. Will let you know! 

This the short route we took from Lagoon Cove (upper left) to Port Harvey (12.5 nautical miles, but about 3 miles as the crow flies, as you can see):

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 8.36.10 PM