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Look! Snowy Mountaintops!

Airship Goes to Alaska

I took a few photos yesterday before (well, and after) all the drama. It was sunny and clear and we got quite a different view of the scenery than we did on our way out of Juneau last week as we headed to Hoonah, Elfin Cove, and Pelican (when it was socked in and rainy).

Leaving Flynn Cove yesterday morning, looking west down Icy Strait:



Lynn Canal, looking toward Juneau (before the seas kicked up):


Rounding Point Retreat (from Lynn Canal into Saginaw Channel):


After we rounded the point (before the drama), another boat (a Grand Banks called "Safari") who had been traveling the same route radioed and asked how we'd liked the ride out in Lynn. Heh. We both felt about the same: glad to be out of it. Here's Safari with some nice scenery in Saginaw Channel, also headed to Juneau:


Mendenhall Glacier:


We passed a tug in Stephens Passage towing a barge with a bunch of containers on it, and also, this little scenic railroad train car, probably heading up to Skagway.


We binoc'd it and there is no name or writing on the side, but I'm certain it's a new car for the White Pass & Yukon Route railroad. Kind of cool to think about riding that railroad from Skagway in a train car that arrived by boat. 

Today the weather is (again!) sunny, mostly clear, gorgeous, and warm.

We're working with the local Nordic Tug dealer this afternoon in Juneau (and a fantastic guy he connected us up with) on our boat issues from yesterday. We'll update you after haul out (which is at high tide, in about an hour and a half)!