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We “Fixed” Another Thing

Behold, Airship’s new grill:


It’s the small Sea-B-Que made by Dickinson Marine, and so far, we rate it very highly. It’s brushed stainless instead of polished shiny stainless (which looks crappy in about 5 minutes), and it’s got ceramic, separatable grill sections (easy removal for cleaning), and even (gasp!) medium and low settings (that work!!) 

Sea-b-que grate-7672

We contemplated the large one, but for 99 percent of our use the small one is just fine (and more portable and efficient). The only thing the large one has that the small one doesn’t (besides more space) is an automatic igniter, but we can order one of those to fit our grill once we are home. 

We’ve cooked on it twice now, and it’s fantastic, and WORLDS better than our old Magma that came with the boat (and bonus, it stays lit for more than two minutes)!

First we made burgers (messy, messy burgers, with chorizo and blue cheese) and the clean up was super easy. Last night we grilled the Coho fillets and same thing…just wipe the cool ceramic grates clean and you’re good to go.

We gave our old grill to some fishermen on the dock in Juneau before we left the marina. Hope it does what they want. 


  1. Well, the rain certainly didn’t dampen your photographs. Nor did the wet boardwalks and quaint harbors and wildlife. Luscious and moist… like a good brownie. I feel like I need a cup of coffee 🙂

    Box Canyon Mark

    • Thank you Mark! And yes, coffee would be the perfect complement to that rainy morning in Elfin Cove!

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