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More Humpbacks Breaching

Airship Goes to Alaska

Today we left Pybus Bay and headed over to anchor in the Tracy Arm anchorage so we'd be ready to head for the glaciers in the morning. The weather was gray and rainy, and just outside of Windham Bay we noticed some dark vertical things and splashes in the distance. More breaching humpbacks? Let's head over there!



As we got a little closer we realized that only some of what we were seeing were breaches. The other vertical dark things sticking out of the water were the enormous pectoral fins of a humpback before big splashy fin slaps:


And, more breaches. This time I was ready(ish):








Pretty freaking cool, right?

We got to our little cove and this intensely blue iceberg greeted us near the entrance.





  1. Seeing those cruise ships next to the parking lot give me the feeling I wouldn’t make a good cruise candidate… they are like a floating New York City. I like your tug better…

    • Nope, and neither would we be cruise ship candidates. We like the tug MUCH better. But for many people wanting to see and learn about SE AK, a cruise is their only option. We met a couple who’d designed their own 18-day trip to AK that included airplanes, ferries, rental cars, and kayaks, but it took a TON of planning (also not for everyone). The problem with a cruise is that you really only get to go to the bigger cities. We’ve seen some pretty cool smaller expedition cruise boats up here that get into the smaller coves and more remote spots, and are geared toward the “adventure cruiser.” That’s at least a little closer to our alley. 🙂

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