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Leesoffskaia Bay, AK

Airship Goes to Alaska

We liked Leesoffskaia Bay so much we stayed two nights!



We took turns in the kayak yesterday afternoon (it was kinda rainy so we were all Alaska'd up in our rain gear and Xtratufs). Tiffani made dinner last night (stove-top chicken pot pies…delicious!) and we sat on the top deck afterwards just watching the light change.


Earlier in the evening Kevin and Deke went out in the dinghy to put the crab traps out and came back with NEWS. They dinghied up to the swim step and said something like “Hey you guys. While we were out putting the crab traps down, some shit went DOWN.” 

They saw something move on the tiny islet to our west. It was a big brown bear. They watched said brown bear as it shuffled down to the water, got IN the water, and swam about 200 yards across to the other island…about 30 yards from their dinghy! A SWIMMING GRIZZLY. They had no iPhones, no GoPro, no cameras of any kind. They did not even take a walkie talkie with them. If they had, they could have called and told us to look toward Swimming Grizzly Island because we could have seen it all right from Airship.

A swimming grizzly. No photos.